Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ireland 2018, Day 1

Last year, the Hartford Airport got an Aer Lingus direct flight from Hartford to Dublin!  Yippee!  That means ... Ireland Vacation!

We actually just got back and it was really lovely.  It's an overnight-ish flight to Dublin.  What really happens is that you lose 5 hours of nighttime.  So you leave at 6pm and you arrive around 5am the next day.  I was hoping our room would be available and the hotel would let us check in early, but as it turned out, it was booked.  We tried to crash in the back lobby of the hotel, but apparently they were not down with people sleeping on their sofas.  They were very polite when they told us to come back later.  So we went into the city, running on fumes.  (In the future, I will book a room for that night.  It will be worth the extra money to be able to crash.)

Dublin, River Liffey

Dublin was misty and cold.  (Which was nice.  It's been very hot and humid this summer in Hartford.)  We walked a good part of the way, maybe a mile or two.  It's so fun for me to see the different types of houses and signs, and flowers.  There are so many flowers in flower boxes and front gardens and street flower pots.  I suppose it's an easy enough thing to do when Mother Nature waters the plants nearly every day, but they were still very bountiful and vibrant.

Eventually we got tired and rode one of the double decker buses into the city.  There, we found a lovely little hotel to have a good breakfast in and sit down.

After breakfast, they city started to wake up.  The mist cleared.  We went to a few bookstores.  The boy was so tired.  I really felt for the kid.  We found one bookstore, The Winding Stairs, with a big wing chair and let him crash while we browsed the books.

After that we tried the hotel again.  We had to wait an hour, but then they got us in the room and we all crashed for a nice, long nap.  Except that there was a dog barking.  If you know my husband, you know that he is not fond of dogs.*  But he has a reason.  There has always been a dog that lives nearby that wakes us up.  In our first apartment, it lived one floor below.  In our current house, there are two next door.  A barking dog when he's trying to sleep is his kryptonite.  So it was a little funny that a dog in back of the hotel was really going at it.  But we closed the window and turned on a fan and that seemed to do the trick.

(*I don't want to upset dog people.  He likes dogs.  He doesn't like yappy dogs that wake him up.  That said, we have a cat.)

After we were refreshed, we headed back into Dublin, into the Temple Bar area.  What a fun vibe!  The street was alive with people mulling about, slipping in and out of pubs, looking at sidewalk stalls.  We browsed all the menus until we found one lovely place called The Larder.

Fun with Dublin street art.

Crab and Crayfish Salad at The Larder.  SO GOOD!

I'm not usually a big foodie - but this place had a crab and crayfish salad that was one of the best things that I have ever tasted.  Sooooo good.  The boy got his steak - so he was happy too.

After dinner we strolled up and down the River Liffey and crossed the Ha'Penny Bridge.  Then we went back to the hotel to settle in for the night.

Dublin and the River Liffey

More in the next post.  (I promise it won't be a month coming.)

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