Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ireland 2018, Days 3, 4 & 5

Hi all -

Day 3 of our Ireland was our Wild Wicklow tour.  Because we were spending a majority of time in Dublin, I wanted to make sure there was at least one day where we got to see some countryside, so I booked a one-day bus tour into beautiful County Wicklow.

I won't go into the nitty gritty of it all, except to say that we drove through and stopped at some beautiful places.  To me, this is what Ireland is all about. 

The boy looks out at the Irish Sea in Dun Laoghaire

The tour guide called this, "The bridge from the movie, P. S. I Love You."  I hadn't seen the movie when we went to the bridge.  I have now seen the movie.  The bridge was barely featured and the movie was trite.  Beautiful bridge.  Bad movie.  Unless you liked it, then, I'm happy you liked it.

County Wicklow
Snapped a sheep from the bus
Hanging out on a rock.

"Kevin's Kitchen" in Glendalough.

The following day was a bank holiday.  What's a bank holiday? you ask.  Well, it's basically a day off for Ireland.  I did not know about this and so it wasn't our best day as far as doing things we planned.  Many attractions were closed.  It was kind of a bummer.  But we did get to go on the GPO (General Post Office) tour.  The GPO was the rebel headquarters during the 1916 Easter Rising.  My husband loves history so he knew all about it and really wanted to go.  I'm not a huge war history buff, but I did find a nice exhibit that focused more in individuals and what their experience is like. 

My goal for this day was to have a great meal.  And I did.  We went to a place called The Boxty House. 

Sweet Potato, Kale, and Boxty Dumplings from Boxty House, Dublin

About three days before we were to leave for Ireland, we had a surprise visit from some friends who were passing through town.  They told us about a Netflix show called Somebody Feed Phil, and they said there was one where he goes to Dublin.  So I watched that episode and he went to The Boxty House.  Boxty, which is a traditional Irish potato pancake, sounded good to me.  And they had a lot of gluten free options, and that's good for they Boy.  And it was delicious!

The boy and I had Sweet Potato, Kale, and Boxty Dumplings, while the husband had Vegetarian Chili over Boxty.  Both meals were delicious.  If you're in Dublin, I highly recommend The Boxty House in the Temple Bar Area.

Day 5 was our travel day back to West Hartford.  We were all very ready to return home.  We're not super travelers.  We love to go visit places, but after 4 days we're ready for home.  We miss our routines and our cat.  (We did not miss the massive heat and humidity.  In fact, we were thrilled to have missed a 95 degree day.  Gross!)  But the before we left, we visited a nice little place across from our hotel called Restaurant 104, and got a traditional Irish Breakfast.  There was even black pudding (which the waiter described to me as "all the parts of the pig."  Great.)  But I tried it.  I thought it was OK.  The boy liked it.

The dark, round discs are Black Pudding.
And then we flew home.  And let me leave you with this, Aer Lingus is a very nice airline with an excellent selection of inflight entertainment.  I binge watched 80% of Fargo, Season 3.  It was great.

And now we're home, tra la la, and settling back into our routine.
The cat was very happy to see us.

Thanks so much for tuning in!

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